Air humidification


Air humidification plays an important role in climate control and reducing the risk of explosions wherever this is being discussed: An air humidification system is used to achieve the required air humidification level in a space or production space, thereby creating a more pleasant working environment and reducing any bacterial problems. An additional benefit of air humidification under high pressure is its exceptionally low energy consumption.


Places where air humidification systems are used include: printers and other paper industries,the greenhouse horticulture industry, the cattle-breeding industry, storehouses for fruit and vegetables, or in the wood-processing and textile-processing industries.


The benefits of air humidification are:

  • Easy and effective way of achieving correct air humidification levels
  • Contributes to the welfare of animals and humans
  • Prevents fruit and vegetables from ageing
  • Reduces the risk of dust exploding
  • 100% drip-free

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