Dust control

Aquaco offers effective solutions for dust problems, both indoors and out. When controlling dust in warehouses, the dust particles present are attracted to each other and bound together using an atomisation system that produces microscopic spray particles. The dust is controlled using this air humidification system, thereby creating a more pleasant and healthier working environment. The atomisation is especially important in those places in the warehouse where the most dust is produced, such as at vehicle unloading sites, and where goods are transferred onto conveyor belts and roads.

The system is easy to operate and can come with a remote control. For dust control in outdoor areas, there are advanced sprayers and spray guns that are even able to do their work in severe frost or strong wind. The water is applied to precisely the right spot, preventing dust and rubble from drifting away from piles of coal, sand and gravel stores, fly ash and debris, for example. Another option is dust control using spray guns.


The benefits of dust control are:

  • Excellent dust-binding properties
  • Improved working conditions
  • Easy to operate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less wear and tear on machines


If you are interested in our solutions to dust problems, please contact Aquaco B.V., phone number 0031 481 377 177, or fill in our contact form.


Dust control

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Dust control in hall Dust control with spray gun