Spray guns

The spray guns are used for recycling, greenhouse horticulture, construction and demolition work, storing raw materials and transferring bulk goods.

In situations in which atomisation with a spray gun is the best solution, Aquaco works with the Spraystream machines. These spray guns don't just come in a standard type, but also make the perfect tailor-made solution.

These systems are typically environmentally friendly with low water consumption, reliable, low-maintenance and quiet.


The benefits of Spraystream machines are:

  • Tailor-made

  • Sturdy

  • Aerodynamic design guarantees wide coverage

  • Low-maintenance

  • Wide range

  • Lightweight

  • Heavy-duty.


If you are interested in our Spraystream machines, please contact Aquaco B.V., phone number 0031 481 377 177, or fill in our contact form.

Spraystream machine

Spraystream machine for dust control in hall