Aquaco designs, installs and maintains tailor-made professional (floating) fountains. Aquaco offers a comprehensive and professional range of fountains and fountain aerators. The fountains are available in various types and sizes, and possess diverse spraying heights.
If required, fountains can also be fitted with LED lighting.
Fountains are eye-catching objects in, for example, public areas, parks, gardens, golf courses, holiday resorts, sports facilities or company sites.

We recommend using a fountain aerator if water is subject to oxygen-related problems. Aerators not only make fountains more appealing, but also aerate the water. An aerator adds oxygen to the water source and gets the water moving, which helps to significantly reduce algae-related problems.

It is also possible to check water consumption and regularly take water samples, thus allowing water quality to be managed.


If you are interested in our fountains or aerators, please contact Aquaco B.V., phone number 0031 481 377 177, or fill in our contact form.


Fountains at golf courses Floating fountain in recreational park Big fountain with LED lighting