You can also call our Aquaco service desk if you want to perform preventive maintenance on your system or resolve a particular problem. This can be done on a contractual or case-by-case basis. 
The B-contract involves autumn maintenance (start-up of system) and spring maintenance (making the system frost-free) being carried out by an Aquaco service engineer. 

The C-contract only involves performing maintenance in the spring. Costs associated with these maintenance contracts were determined by e.g. the type and size of the system. Potential malfunctions in the system will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. To-be-replaced materials will be invoiced separately, unless they are still under guarantee.


Aquaco also offers tailor-made maintenance. For instance, Aquaco can perform regular checks on your system, check and test fire pits, take water samples and have them tested, replace UV lamps, supply algaecides, etc. The service and maintenance department can be reached by phoning 0481 – 372720 or by sending an e-mail to .

Telephone access is arranged via a help desk outside regular office hours.