Irrigation natural grass football pitches

Various systems are available for the irrigation of natural grass pitches and artificial grass pitches:

  • above-ground pipes with hydrants
  • above-ground, transportable irrigation hose reels or
  • fully automatic, computer-controlled irrigation systems


A number of irrigation options with sprinklers mounted in the playing surface are available for natural grass pitches. When irrigating artificial sports pitches, the sprinklers are mounted outside the pitch on upright posts. The advantages of irrigation for artificial grass pitches are: cooling, controlling possible odour nuisance, fewer injuries. Research indicates that a good irrigation system actively contributes to improving the quality of the playing pitches.


For sustainable irrigation of football pitches, Aquaco supplies configurations where the irrigation system is controlled remotely. This results in efficient, customised metering when irrigating and sparing use of municipal water. You can view the system's status online via a tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Possible faults, such as excessive water consumption, are reported immediately.


Are you interested in irrigation for playing pitches? Please contact Aquaco B.V., phone number 0031 481 377 177, or fill in our contact form.


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Irrigation football pitches natural grass

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