Irrigation for hockey pitches

Our automatic irrigation systems for (water-based) hockey pitches use powerful water cannons placed outside the playing area. These water sprinklers/cannons are mounted in the ground (Perrot VP2, VP2plus or VP3) or on a post (Perrot P2) along the edge of the pitch. Various irrigation options are possible; e.g. with 6 water cannons or 8 water cannons. Hockey pitches are irrigated before, during or after the match using preconfigured irrigation programmes or at the press of a button.

Irrigation using municipal water has the disadvantage of being extremely expensive. To economise on municipal water, the irrigation system can be connected to a system for recycling rainwater and drainage water. This system collects the drainage water, filters it and pumps it into a large concrete overflow reservoir.  


A groundwater purification system is another way of reducing the consumption of municipal water. This system purifies groundwater drawn from an on-site well, following which the clean groundwater can be used for irrigation.


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Irrigating hockey pitch with

VP2 plus sprinkler

Irrigating hockey pitch with

P2 sprinkler

Irrigating hockey pitch with VP2