Algae prevention

Algae growth creates a slimy deposit on artificial grass fields, resulting in a very slippery surface and an increased risk of injury. The artificial grass fields can also become contaminated by the algae. In addition, the presence of algae may lead to infection and allergies. Therefore, action must be taken to prevent contamination with algae.  

Algae like to grow in areas that stay humid for long periods of time. Aquaco can advise you on how to control algae effectively in order to eliminate algae growth. Neither the algae problem itself nor the methods used to control it may present a health risk for humans or an environmental risk for animals, plants and vegetation.

In addition to algae growth on artificial grass fields or tennis courts, algae growth may also occur in ponds. This can be solved by installing a floating fountain in the pond, which continually circulates the water and eliminates algae growth.


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