Alternatives for municipal water

Municipal water is expensive and will become increasingly scarce in the future. A ground water purification system from Aquaco allows you to control your own water supply. One or more on-site wells, equipped with a circulation system, provide a thoroughly purified supply of your own groundwater. In other words, no large storage tanks, but crystal clear water directly from the source, and completely free of metals to prevent rust stains developing on your artificial grass field and/or hard paving.

The ground water purification system produces a specific quantity (depending on the capacity of the equipment) of purified water under the ground in the area close to your well. This quantity of water is available for use each day. The advantage of this system is that there are no limitations on the speed of pumping, as long as the maximum permitted usage per day is not exceeded. Depending on the water requirement, for example 80 m³, this quantity can be pumped up both during a period of a few minutes or a period of several hours. This depends on the pump capacity.


• Energy-efficient system

• Environmentally friendly

• Underground iron removal means that nothing is discharged into the sewage system

• More cost-effective than most above-ground systems

• Low maintenance

• Hardly requires any space

• Maintenance contract is possible

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